Freelance Writing: Other

As a freelance writer, I’ve taken on a variety of topics, including nature, pop culture, history, modern society, creative writing, and more. Most of my work can be found at Ranker, but I have also written for other publications, such as


Here Are The Radioactive Animals Living In Fukushima  

15 Laughably Wrong Things People Used To Think About The Dinosaurs  

Times One Animal Terrorized A Whole Village  

Animal Behaviors We Think Are Cute But Actually Signal Danger 

You Need To Know About Aoshima, The Island Of Cats  


The Story Behind The Only Surgeon In History With A 300% Mortality Rate  

Mary Shelley Didn’t Just Invent Sci-Fi, She Put Her Sexual Money Where Her Feminist Principles Were 

The Saga Of Feodor Vassilyev: A Man Who Fathered 22 Twins In The 1700s  

Los Frikis Were Cuban Punks Who Infected Themselves With HIV To Protest Communism  

What Happened To Concentration Camp Prisoners Immediately After Liberation? 


This Is What Happens To Your Body (And More Importantly Your Brain) On Cocaine  

People Who Actually Faked Cancer (And Got Caught)  

What Your Blood Type Says About You  

Doctors Reveal Warning Signs Women Shouldn’t Overlook  

Everything You Don’t Know About Vitiligo – It Affects People And Animals  

Pop Culture

Crazy Stories Of Rammstein, That Band Every Dude In High School Loved

Here’s The Story Behind That Cool S Thing You Used To Draw In Class 

Weirdly Specific Parts Of American Pop Culture That Are Insanely Popular In Foreign Countries  

Marilyn Manson’s Real Life Is Even Crazier Than The Rumors You’ve Probably Heard  

These Popular And Catchy Songs Are 100% About Suicide  

Society & Culture

‘The Woman Who Wasn’t There’ Tells The Shocking Story Of A 9/11 Survivor Who Wasn’t All She Seemed  

Here’s How Cities Are Subtly Hiding Their Homeless Populations  

Differences Between The FLDS Church And The LDS Church  

When Doctor’s Don’t Listen To Women

These Public Spaces Do Get Cleaned, But How Often (Or Little) They Do Will Make You Disgusted 

Creative Writing

How to Jumpstart Character Creation In a Story

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Freelance Writing: Anime

Anime has been part of every stage of my life. Child me was pretending to be Sailor Moon and writing self-insert Pokémon fanfiction where I was Gary Oak’s girlfriend. Teenage me was cosplaying Chi from Chobits at Otakon and writing essays on the Sohma family for my AP Psychology class. College me stayed up all night moderating a Death Note fanfiction community on Livejournal. Grown-up me is a freelance writer with a specialty in anime.

If you want to see what I’m to, here are a few links!


I’m a regular contributor to the Anime Underground vertical at Ranker. My articles pull in 360k views per month, with one of my most popular articles clocking in at 1 million all-time views. Whether I’m ranking the best anime of the season or defending Sakura Haruno against haters, I’m always having a blast writing about anime!

Below are links to articles that either performed particularly well, or that I’m proud of. There are hundreds more where that came from, so check out my profile here.

12 Reasons Sakura Haruno Is Better Than You Think

Which Shonen Protagonist Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

14 Cross-Series Anime Ships That Would Be So Good Together

The Greatest Isekai Anime You Should Be Watching


I’ve also written for Comicon, a website that specializes in all things nerdy. I cover recent anime news, critique and analyze shows, and post a column that documents my journey through watching One Piece for the first time.

My profile can be found here.

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