Published Fiction & Poetry

Credit: Pixabay


Pretty Girl & Medicine Boy wins $1,000 scholarship from Random House, Inc.’s Creative Writing Competition for NYC High School Seniors


Centipede Centipede Centipede – The Shine Journal


birthday – Downtown Brooklyn, Issue #20


DDR Master – Black Heart Magazine


Crowded – Verdad

10/12/12 – 10/31/12 – Whiskey Island


Sweepstakes – 826NYC Supersaver

Like Bird Wings – 826NYC Supersaver

Like This – 1 over the 8

Ecosystem Engineers – 1 over the 8

Cityscape – The Hopper Review


Requests from a Disgruntled Vitamin Store Employee – The Charles Carter


Soul Mate – Mercurial Stories

Cancerphobia – Adelaide Literary Magazine


Legacy – The Molotov Cocktail

No Way To Know – Nobody Goes Out Anymore: Futuristic Fiction Post COVID-19

Lady Flora Iaso: Psychic Healer – Nobody Goes Out Anymore: Futuristic Fiction Post COVID-19

my love/hate relationship with talking about naruto – The Daily Drunk

Flower Sickness – Scarlet Leaf Review


Jadosi Vous – The Winnow Magazine’s The Sims Pop-Up Issue

Singing Lessons Bridge Eight Press

Breaking The CurseRoyal Romance, an anthology from Paramour Ink

Speed Dating – (mac)ro(mic)

Salt – Giving Room Mag Issue 1

plant & star – Selcouth Station

pizza rats deserve the world – pies & poems

butterfly wings – with confetti

My Wife Is An Alligator – Moss Puppy

Late Night in the Parking Lot of a Mexican Movie Theater – Flash Fiction Magazine


Carnival Breath – Wilder Lit

Boy’s Gardening Club – Ganbatte! The Ties That Bind Us – Otaku Creators Community

Heaven and Earth – Billionaires of NYC Anthology – Paramour Ink

We Need All Of Us – Roi Fainéant Press 

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