Published Fiction & Poetry

Credit: Pixabay


Pretty Girl & Medicine Boy wins $1,000 scholarship from Random House, Inc.’s Creative Writing Competition for NYC High School Seniors


Centipede Centipede Centipede published in The Shine Journal.


birthday published in Downtown Brooklyn, Issue #20.


DDR Master published in Black Heart Magazine


Crowded published in Verdad

10/12/12 – 10/31/12 published in Whiskey Island


Sweepstakes published in 826NYC Supersaver

Like Bird Wings published in 826NYC Supersaver

Like This published in 1 over the 8

Ecosystem Engineers published in 1 over the 8

Cityscape published in the inaugural issue of The Hopper Review


Requests from a Disgruntled Vitamin Store Employee published in The Charles Carter


Soul Mate published in Mercurial Stories

Cancerphobia published in Adelaide Literary Magazine


Legacy published in The Molotov Cocktail

No Way To Know & Lady Flora Iaso: Psychic Healer published in Nobody Goes Out Anymore: Futuristic Fiction Post COVID-19

my love/hate relationship with talking about naruto published in The Daily Drunk

Flower Sickness published in Scarlet Leaf Review


Jadosi Vous published in The Winnow Magazine’s The Sims Pop-Up Issue

Singing Lessons published in Bridge Eight Press

Breaking The Curse published in Royal Romance, an anthology from Paramour Ink

Speed Dating published in (mac)ro(mic)

Salt published in Giving Room Mag Issue 1

plant & star published in Selcouth Station

pizza rats deserve the world published in pies & poems

butterfly wings published in with confetti

My Wife Is An Alligator published in Moss Puppy

Coming Soon…

Late Night in the Parking Lot of a Mexican Movie Theater to be published in Flash Fiction Magazine

Heaven and Earth to be published in Paramour Ink

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