Freelance Writing: Anime

Anime has been part of every stage of my life. Child me was pretending to be Sailor Moon and writing self-insert Pokémon fanfiction where I was Gary Oak’s girlfriend. Teenage me was cosplaying Chi from Chobits at Otakon and writing essays on the Sohma family for my AP Psychology class. College me stayed up all night moderating a Death Note fanfiction community on Livejournal. Grown-up me is a freelance writer with a specialty in anime.

If you want to see what I’m to, here are a few links!


I’m a regular contributor to the Anime Underground vertical at Ranker. My articles pull in 360k views per month, with one of my most popular articles clocking in at 1 million all-time views. Whether I’m ranking the best anime of the season or defending Sakura Haruno against haters, I’m always having a blast writing about anime!

Below are links to articles that either performed particularly well, or that I’m proud of. There are hundreds more where that came from, so check out my profile here.

12 Reasons Sakura Haruno Is Better Than You Think

15 Very Ridiculous Sex Scenes In Anime (That Isn’t Hentai)

Which Shonen Protagonist Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

14 Cross-Series Anime Ships That Would Be So Good Together

The 15 Greatest Isekai Anime You Should Be Watching

The Senpai Project

I’ve also written for The Senpai Project, a New York City based event company that specializes in all things nerdy. I covered recent anime news, critiqued and analyzed shows, and talked about the culture that surrounds anime fandom.

My profile can be found here. Below are links to a few of my favorite articles.

What To Expect From The New Fruits Basket

How Free! Talks About Disability

The Ancient Magus’ Bride And Forgiveness

5 Fantastic Trans Anime Characters

How The Digimon Dub Did Joe Kido Dirty

If you’re interested in my work and would like for me to write about anime for your website, please contact me at

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2 thoughts on “Freelance Writing: Anime

  1. Thanks for your article on ranker on isekai anime. A recent one that is not in the list that you might want to check is “Arifureta shokugyou de sekai saikyou” which is being broadcast by Funamination.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment!

    I’m not planning on updating the list unless my editor requests that I do so – but since isekai is so popular it might happen after a few more seasons since the last update. If that happens, Arifureta will probably go on the list.

    I did watch the first episode and it didn’t personally grab me – mainly because of the pacing. Can I ask why you recommend it? First impressions aren’t always accurate and it’s always good to hear why other people enjoy things so I can decide if I want to give it another shot.


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